Professional Services

Civil Engineering

Fall Company provides professional engineering design, construction oversight, and maintenance management assistance of public works- roads, bridges, canals, dams, buildings, docks, piers, pipelines and much more.






Structural Engineering

Our lead engineer has extensive experience in the structural engineering design and analysis of bridges, buildings, pipelines, industrial structures, and non-building structures.  Our Staff has performed analysis with static and dynamic loading (impulse and blast effects), and the analysis of offshore structures and topside packages.


Project Management

Good project management is vital to a successful outcome of Construction Projects. Our lead engineer has performed lump sum, unit price, and cost plus contract management on millions of dollars of work for both private and public agencies. We know the process of project management during the construction phase of projects, and the importance of communicating effectively with the build team.  To keep projects on track and gain insight into progress, we provide scheduling of construction and critical path activities.  When extra work is needed or hidden conditions occur we have extensive experience in claim and change order preparation and analysis. Our staff has years of experience in cost estimating of construction activities to provide accurate engineering estimates of probable construction cost.

Engineering Services